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In order to ensure individual support, proEconomics accepts a maximum of 20 participants per annual intake.


To celebrate the first start of proEconomics in 2019/20, we will award all our participants full scholarships.

Thanks to all our sponsors, whose great and generous support enables us to realize that.

Generally as a non-profit limited liability company under German law (gemeinnuetzige GmbH), Sophia.T operates in such a way as to cover its costs rather than to generate profit. The cost of program participation amounts to EUR 1,200 per month. Rent for a single room on the proEconomics campus amounts to approx. EUR 350 per month.


We reward early birds! If we receive your application until 6th January 2019, we will grant a discount of 500 € to you, which will be offset of your monthly partcipation fee. You can decide whether you want to have it paid all in one month or averaged on each month of the program.


proEconomics awards scholarships, which can considerably reduce the cost of program participation. By awarding scholarships, we make our education project accessible to all young women, regardless of their financial situation..

The level of the scholarships to be awarded depends on two factors: the financial situation of the family, and the performance of the candidate during the selection process. School grades alone are therefore not the only determining factor. An obvious drive to achieve, openness for new experiences, an interest in humanities and the liberal arts, and the willingness to undertake voluntary commitments are at least as important.

Full scholarships are also planned for particularly outstanding candidates.


We would be delighted to discuss things with you individually.
Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to it!


Dr. Jörg Merlein
(Managing Director)
Sophia.T gGmbH (project principal)

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21129 Hamburg

Phone.: +49 40-79755919
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Dipl.Ing. Dipl. Ök. Manfred Kennel
Sophia.T gGmbH

Sophia.T gGmbH – proEconomics
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